3-in-1 deep tissue massage

This massage mixes elements of three techniques – deep tissue massage, reflexology and acupressure.


What to expect during the session or couple of words about these amazing techniques.

The massage builds up slowly. Working on the surface level first, “warming up”, preparing the body for working on the deeper layer of muscles. This is the time when we detect the areas which need more attention because of tension, pain, sensitivity.

(Deep tissue massage)

Then we work with the deeper layer of muscles and fascia on the targeted area. Using fingertips, elbows, forearm we increase the pressure to release chronic tension, promote faster healing by increasing blood flow. If you do not like super strong stimulation do not worry as I always ask your feedback regarding the pressure, as my intention is not to squeeze the spirit out of your body but to work mindfully, attentively, following up the needs of your body.

(Acupressure point release)

According to traditional Chinese medicine we have meridians, energy channels throughout the body, where life energy runs along. When it become stuck we have pain, constipation, depression, skin problems and so on. The goal of acupressure is to keep the energy flowing using pressure at specific points.


Stimulates the organs, glands, tissues, muscles and all body parts massaging the feet, the hands and the ears. Each stimulation/reflex point causes a corresponding effect in the body. Reflexology activating the lymphatic system, activates drainage so cleansing the body as the toxins getting released faster. If any area is far too sensitive to touch because extreme tension, spasm in the muscle, with this technique we can start to gently release it.


At the end of this massage you might feel reborn – as your body is ready to release toxins, the blood flow is activated, the energy flow is alive and thanks for the deeper manipulation through the acupressure points the body released endorphin which helps to feel the joy of life.