Healing benefits of massage

Modern life has its own benefits but it takes the toll on our health. Sitting all day, exposed

to artificial light and not enjoying fresh air, naturally grown foods, sunlight the we become unbalanced. The constant stress and worry accumulate toxins in our system. The best, easiest and most natural remedy is massage.

Regular massage (once, twice a week) prevent the development of skin disorders. Increases stamina, patience, self-confidence, forbearance, wit and intelligence, sexual vitality and physical beauty. Massage can stop premature ageing, reduce wrinkles, tone muscles, restores agility in the joints. Makes the skin smooth, strengthen the nerves and the immune system, help the body to retain its proper shape and elasticity.

Massage is therapeutically used for neurasthenia, headaches, insomnia, gout, polio, obesity, arthritis, blood pressure irregularities, asthma, mental disorders. It is increasing the production of white blood cells and antibodies, which provides resistance against viruses and diseases produces by infections. Strengthen the immune system, the defense mechanism of the body.

When massage (even self massage) is adopted to the daily practice it increases body heat and vitality as the circulatory and respiratory systems open to provide fresh oxygen and vital energy in the form of nutrient material.

(Source: Harish Johari – Ayurvedic massage)


 Please read before you book your appointment!

  • All massage is performed with macadamia nut oil.
  • What to wear: an underwear. Please make sure you are not wearing your latest buy as it might get oily. :o)
  • After the massage drink a lot of water!
  • Contraindication for all massage (if you have any of these below, please do not book appointment):
  1. Open wounds/cuts on the body part will get massaged
  2. Heavy cold/flu
  3. Cancer
  4. Menstruation (first three days)
  5. Strong/active headache
  6. Skin disease