massage at Eagle’s Nest Atitlan


At Eagle’s Nest Atitlan we provide massage.

Type of massage:

Mixture of ayurvedic, deep tissue, acupressure point, maya abdominal massage – following the needs of your body.


Location: Eagle’s Nest Atitlan ( – San Marcos (Guatemala)

What to wear during the massage?

Only an underwear. During the massage we use oil so please do not turn up in your most expensive panty as it might get a bit oily. Please do not wear shorts as it allows less area to get massaged.

Used oil:

Macadamia oil.

Length of massage

Minimum 90 minutes but it can be easily longer. It depends on your needs. But it can be tailored.


90 minutes: Q 300

120 minutes: Q 400

3 massage package: Q 800

After the massage you can take a shower at Eagle’s Nest Atitlan but you need to bring your towel. Though it is nice to keep the oil on the body.

For more info and booking please WhatsApp me: +44 7783343019