There are questions I am not able to give straight answer. Like: ‘What kind of music do you like?’ or ‘What kind of books do you like to read?’ or ‘What type of yoga do you teach?’

As takes two to tango it really depends on YOU – who trusts me and attend in the practice I lead – what kind of yoga I do teach. Are you new to yoga? Are you injured? Are you tired or have lots of energy to burn? Do you want to flow? Or you want to get challenged? Or are you more interested in right alignment? In meditation? In inner work? In energy? In chakras? This all can appear in one session or we can concentrate only one of these aspect of the practice.

In my classes there is a big chance you will experience any or all of the followings:

  • explanation of the energy of the day following the maya calendar
  • creating a clear intention for your own practice
  • pranayama
  • mudra
  • visualization
  • meditation
  • food for thoughts
  • essential oils
  • gentle massage in savasana
  • and of course asanas – in flow or held longer – always in mindfully carved sequence

I am in the privileged position (after attending at countless courses, workshops, schools; teaching thousands of hours all around the world – from the biggest yoga studios in London till in the depth of the jungle in Guatemala) having a deep magical toolbox to pull out the most vivid colors, the most ecstatic tastes and smells to create the most healing experience for you in the HERE and NOW.

But never forget, I am just offering the colors. The artist who will paint the picture, is YOU! The magician is YOU! Let’s create this magic together off and on the mat called yoga, called life.


In the present moment in person you can join me at Malinalco (Mexico).

I do teach

  • One to one classes
  • Small or large groups
  • Yin yoga
  • Therapeutic yoga
  • Vinyasa flow
  • Meditation
  • Yoga nidra

If you are living on the other part of the world but want to practice with me, I have plenty videos available on my YouTube Channel: Yoga with Zsuzsa Kohan. See you in person or on the screen! Love and light!