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Transformational private retreat in Malinalco, Mexico


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Aim of the retreat:

Depending on your intention, this retreat can be deep soul work or a colorful holiday. To really grow, we need time and space – the aim of this retreat is to create a safe place where you can stop, feel, connect, using all the tools and magic Malinalco and Zsuzsa have to offer. As a yoga and meditation teacher, massage therapist and lover of the Central American traditional healing modalities, Zsuzsa is dedicated to assisting your journey towards focusing entirely on your own experience, to getting back to Yourself.

There is no strict formal schedule – you will tailor the rhythm of the program to your energy, your needs. All retreats will be different, and a deeply personal experience.


About Zsuzsa

Zsuzsa is a Hungarian/British yoga teacher and massage therapist.  She is interested in all sorts of healing modalities, though she believes you are the only one who can heal yourself, we are only able to assist each other. She lives in Mexico, learning more about the rich local culture and tradition which is still alive in this part of the world. She is interested in the human psyche, vegan eating, herbs, Mayan astrology and art of all kinds.


Time of the retreat

During the whole year from Friday – Monday.

Arrival day: Friday. The actual retreat starts Saturday morning and finishes Sunday evening. Leaving day is Monday.

Longer stay is possible for an extra fee.


Pillars of the retreat:

Yoga (asanas, meditation, pranayama):

Yoga can build strength, awareness and harmony, both in the mind and body.

Regardless of your size, colour, background, previous experience, religion, you can benefit from yoga as it has incredible benefits. Some physical ones are lessening chronic pain (lower back, arthritis, headaches), lower blood pressure, reducing insomnia, and more. On a mental level, it helps to manage stress which can reveal itself in pain, sleeping problems, headaches, drug abuse, inability to concentrate and countless further symptoms.

Regular yoga practice creates mental clarity and calmness; increases body awareness; relieves chronic stress patterns; helps reaching a more positive outlook on life.



Massage is a valuable element in health care, not only because it has been shown to decrease pain and tightness in muscles, but also to help relieve symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression and sleeping disorders. When we receive the intentional touch of massage, it lowers the level of stress hormone and releases hormones that make us feel happy. This makes massage a very potent healing tool.

The Intuitive Massage Zsuzsa offers mixes various massage techniques (ayurvedic, deeper tissue, lymphatic, maya abdominal massage). It can be relaxing, or more thorough to release muscle tension, depending on your needs. The intentionally activated Reiki energy helps to deepen your inward journey.

More about the individual techniques:



Physically, it’s a steam bath with herbal remedies to help eliminate toxins and balance various metabolic processes. Its many physical benefits include: stimulation of the lymphatic system which is responsible for the cleaning and purification of body; skin tone; cleansing of the respiratory tract; improvement of blood circulation; relaxation of the nervous system to decrease stress and anxiety; improvments of bone problems; cleansing of the digestive and urinary tracts; helping the expulsion of kidney stones. The high temperatures also facilitate cell revitalization and repair.

The shape of the temazcal represents the womb of our Mother Earth. Besides the physical benefits, this experience can help us to break boundaries, overcome fears, unlock emotions and free us from false beliefs. When you enter a wet, warm, dark place (uterus) we are immediately connected with our emotions, and after the experience, we feel free of old burdens and more open in heart and mind.

Attending a Temazcal regularly is a personal development process that culminates in a spiritual rebirth, in which each of us is responsible for how we deal with our own worst enemy: oneself.


About Malinalco

Malinalco is a small town two hours from Mexico city offering an ‘authentic’ Mexican vibe. It is officially a Pueblo Magico, or Magical Town, which means it offers special experiences because of its natural beauty, cultural richness, traditions, folklore, historical relevance, cuisine, arts and crafts. In Malinalco, you can immerse yourself in a mystical place where the pre-Hispanic past and colonial memory are harmoniously connected.

Malinalco offers a wide range of activities: you can connect to nature by hiking in the endless mountains around; you can visit the Cuauhtinchan Archeological Ruins, one of the most important Aztec sites; after seeing La Parroquia del Divino Salvador – with frescos from the 1530’s – you can look around in the plentiful galleries and museums of the town; browse in the market, try local food, and be amazed by the art of local artisans. There are plenty of opportunities to dive into Mexican traditions – experiencing a temazcal, or joining pre-Hispanic dances in the plaza of this little gem of Mexico.



Casa de Guadalupe

The heart of Malinalco is just a few steps from the door of this little gem. All events, restaurants, the market is on your doorstep.

Guadalupe created this en-suit room with very fine taste. Every little details helps you to feel more at home. The room has private bathroom with all necessary accessories.

On the roof top terrace you can enjoy the breath-taking view of the mountains, practice yoga, meditate or just have your quiet moments.

 This is a place where you will feel home far from home.

Further information

Menu of activities you can choose from:

  • Daily yoga practice
  • Meditation practice
  • Yoga nidra
  • Daily massage
  • Temazcal (guided by local temazcaleros)
  • Pre-Hispanic dance (watching or participating in the malinalco dance group’s weekly practice)
  • Hiking around in the mountains of Malinalco
  • Visiting the magical Archeological site
  • Visiting an important pilgrimage place in the nearby village
  • Fire ceremony
  • Cacao ceremony
  • Limpia (energy clearing) with tobacco and egg
  • Mayan astrology reading
  • Plant medicine ceremonies (subject to availability, for an extra fee; guided by local medicine man/woman)
  • Visiting the local market, local artisans, experiencing local tastes

Price of the retreat:

1 person – Casa de Guadalupe (private double room) – 550US$

2 persons Casa de Guadalupe (private double room) – 1000US$

What is included

  • 2 days of yoga practice and massage
  • Meditation, pranayama, yoga Nidra
  • Temazcal (guided by local Temazcaleros)
  • Pre-Hispanic dance (watching or participating in the Malinalco dance group’s weekly practice)
  • Hiking around in the mountains of Malinalco
  • Visiting the magical archeological site
  • Visiting an important pilgrimage place in the nearby village
  • Fire and Cacao ceremony
  • Limpia (energy clearing) with tobacco and egg
  • Coaching based on the Maya calendar (Maya astrology)
  • Visiting the local market, local artisans, experiencing local tastes
  • 3 nights accommodation

What is not included

  • Food
  • Travel expenses


  1. Malinalco offers amazing restaurants, the most delicious street food and super tasty fruits and vegetables on the market. We encourage you to expereiment and dive into the taste of Mexico.
  2. If you have any particular dietary requirements or simply want to eat freshly cooked home made food, we offer the next in exchange for extra 50US$ :
  • arrival night: cooked dinner
  • 1st and 2nd days: breakfast, dinner (main course and salad), snacks during the day
  • leaving morning: breakfast

All food are vegan and prepared by Zsuzsa.


From Mexico City (Observatory metro station) there is a bus every day at 16:20 to Malinalco. If you arrive at another time, we can give you tips how to travel.

If you would like we can pre-book a taxi for you. From the airport to Malinalco it costs 1600 peso / one way.


The language of the retreat is English. (Can be Hungarian.)

What next:

If you want to gift yourself this retreat, you will have a call with Zsuzsa to discuss your abilities and needs (physical, mental, emotional) and your requirements regarding your ideal accommodation, food and programs you are interested in, so she can create a personalised program which best serves you during your stay in Malinalco.



Facebook: Zsuzsa Kohan

Instagram: yogacats.couk

WhatsApp: +44 7783343019

To receive always updated information related to the retreat join us on Instagram. Click here:


I just came back home from my second private retreat with Zsuzsa in beautiful Malinalco. I spent 2 weeks in Malinalco, had 12 private Yoga classes with Zsuzsa and 5 amazing massages. Zsuzsa created an amazing time for me and worked with me on my issues. I could see my hips opening up and the massive pain in my neck and lower back got so much better. All yoga classes were created according to my needs and my daily condition. A massage with Zsuzsa can be one of the most releasing experiences ever. She can read my body and help me gently release blockages and pain. She also integrated Maya Abdominal massage into some massages and this was so profound and deep and brought up so many things for me in the days after. Zsuzsa helped me go through some tough days with loving care and helpful talks and encouraged me to live my best self. We also worked on changing my food habits and introducing a healthy diet. We went in several Temazcal ceremonies and for some hikes in Malinalco. The community of Malinalco was so welcoming and it was intense and unforgettable to join the sweat lodge ceremonies. Malinalco is one of Mexico’s Pueblo Magicos and no wonder why. The mountains, nature and the lived culture with Aztec roots is just magical. And the talks with Zsuzsa were the cherry on the pie. She is such a compassionated, loving and understanding soul. From my heart I want to highly recommend a private retreat with Zsuzsa. I already booked my flights for my next retreat with her. A retreat with Zsuzsa in Malinalco will take away your stress, will bring you new energy and gives you the space to release some old blockages in a safe environment with a wonderful soul on your side.

Tanja (Costa Rica)

John (New York)


“Zsuzsa is a beautiful individual who genuinely wants to share her love of Mayan culture, healing and her love for Malinalco. She created an intentional and nurturing experience that exceeded expectations. It was like coming home to myself with a guide along the way. I especially appreciated the mix of laughter and deeper conversation and am already thinking about coming back to visit. “

Stacia (Canada)


Gigi (US / Mexico)

“My experience at Zsuzsa’s retreat was magical, eye-opening, educational and pampering all at the same time! I scoured the retreat/wellness search engines and Zsuzsa’s was the only one that fit all of my parameters – less than a week, a massage each day, yoga, meditation, home-cooked meals (optional) and best of all a 1:1 experience. The personalized retreat experience allowed me to customize my daily itinerary based on my interests and openness to trying new things (Temazcal).
Malinalco is beautiful. Zsuzsa, despite not being of Mexican origin, is definitely a “local” allowing for an authentic and informative experience in one of Mexico’s beautiful Pueblos Mágicos.
Zsuzsa’s pricing was reasonable and an excellent value for such a high-quality personalized wellness experience. I first greeted Zsuzsa as my host and teacher; I left 3 days later saying goodbye to a dear friend. Highly recommend! I will for sure be back to do another one. Oh, her massages are also magical!”

(Rachelle – Boston)


“Words cannot explain the immense gratitude I have for Zsuzsa guiding me through this experience. This is truly her calling and has beautifully taken in so much of the culture from Malinalco. From the beginning of the day with yoga, meditation, and morning cacao to the end of the day she is very intentional with this experience. This can be a very purifying life-changing experience if one comes with an open mind. I take home so much knowledge and gratitude from this experience and I am so happy to have experienced this with Zsuzsa to guide me.”

(Valery – California)


To receive always updated information related to the retreat join us on Instagram. Click here: