massage testimonials

“Zsuzsa is not your traditional masseuse. She’s a healer, through her hands and energy. I felt trust and profound relaxation. I had very tense muscles and the massage helped tremendously. She asked about my concerns and target areas. Upon choosing to open my heart and speak about my issues, I found mutual resonance and empathy. And she could read me like an open book! She’s beyond intuitive and I’m sad she’s not in town more often!”

(Sami – Mexico – CDMX)


Zsuzsa is not only an incredible masseuse but also a powerful healer. She really takes the time to listen to you and connects the physical and emotional components of the body and of life in general. Her techniques and Maya massage have helped me with intense bladder pain that wasn’t getting better until I met her – I can’t say enough about how much I recommend connecting with her!

(Shannon – Mexico – CDMX)


“Querida Zsuzsa, quiero expresar mi profundo agradecimiento por el masaje transformador que me diste hoy. Tu habilidad para trabajar en mis puntos energéticos y los sabios consejos que compartiste para mejorar mi conexión conmigo misma han dejado una huella duradera. Gracias por tu dedicación y habilidad excepcionales.”

(English version)

“Dear Zsuzsa, I want to express my deep gratitude for the transformative massage you gave me today. Your ability to work on my energy points and the wise advice you shared to improve my connection with myself have left a lasting mark. Thank you for your exceptional dedication and skill.”

(Yat – Mexico – Toluca)


“I booked a massage with Zsuzsa and it was the best massage ever experienced.
Let me summarize it:
1. She arrives on time
2. 120 minutes effective massage and believe me, time flies.
3. Zsuzsa will find your cramped muscles and will work more time on these ones than in the rest of your body, but is not the “kind of regular massage we can find locally, where you get your whole body friction, divided equally into zones and that’s it”. Not at all, she will focus on the areas that she finds tension and in those areas you have told her in advance, you have pain and once she finishes, the pain is gone!

I highly recommend you Zsuzsa as she is highly qualified and knows where to put more pressure, where less, how to untied muscles, and does everything with mastery. Super professional.
I am in for whenever she comes back, no matter if injured or not.

(Jose Luis – Mexico – CDMX)


“The therapeutic massage was the best I’ve EVER had. Zsuzsa found every knot and worked it out. My muscles haven’t felt this relaxed in a very long time.”

Gigi (Mexico – Cholula)

“100% recommended! Massage therapy with Zsuzsa is very complete and really holistic, you can feel her experience in different techniques and that with her sensitivity manages to give your body what it needs. Hope to return soon !”

Stiv (Mexico – Malinalco)


“Every time I am in Malinalco, I enjoy the extraordinary massage of Zsuzsa.
She has something mystery about herself. Just the scents she uses and especially her experience to find exactly the points of my body that are tense or aching is extraordinary. I have never experienced a method like this before. With her magic and warm hands I feel more relaxed and like a new person after treatment. I enjoy her work very much and can only recommend it. “

Veronika (Mexico – Toluca)

“Zsuzsa’s massage is not a regular massage. It is truly a deep therapy. She feels your body, energy, your being. She is gentle and caring in her heart but can be tough on the tensed muscles. She is created the exact massage I needed in the very moment without too much explanation from my side. Her touch, energy, attention is exceptional. She is definitely the one who is doing what she meant to do. A gifted one. I am utterly grateful for my friend who recommended her.”

Amy (Mexico – Malinalco)

Zsuzsa has such a gentle and intuitive approach to massage and really gives her all. It’s not just a massage. It is more like a ceremony and encompasses more than just a traditional massage. It is therapy for the body, mind, and soul. I went for stress and pain relief and can truly say that I have never felt more relaxed and stress-free after the session. She has a very calming energy that you can feel and benefit from. Do yourself a favor and experience this for yourself.

Martin (Mexico – Malinalco)

“l loved my massages by Zsuzsa’s healing hands. She takes her time and you can feel her passion and nurturing energy through her gentle and intuitive touches. The pressure and the techniques she uses are Divine and I felt that after my first session and immediately booked another session with her. I admire her beautiful heart and the energy she puts with every touch.”

Roxana (Guatemala)


“Living in a town (San Marcos – Guatemala) renowned for its abundance of world class massage therapists, being a cut above the rest is a high mark to aim for, and yet Zsuzsa brilliantly achieves this. The energy and effort she put into her studies was evident as she worked on me, drawing on a multitude of different techniques and expertly tailoring her practice to the needs of my body. Of course, the technical aspect is important, but the passion and enthusiasm she has for her work and the beautiful compassionate heart that ties it all together create an experience that nurtures on all levels. I hope she comes back to my town again soon as I would dearly love to schedule a treatment with her again.”

Mark (Guatemala)

“Zsuzsa has been facilitating my healing for the last few weeks. As soon as I finished my first session, I bought a 5 pack, knowing that she could finally help me with the chronic long lasting issues/injuries I carried for many years. Her combination of deep tissue, Reiki and Mayan abdominal massage has been life changing. She is intuitive, has great communication and holds a very safe space to allow you to let everything go. In my experience with numerous massage therapists all over the world, Zsuzsa’s level of care is among the best! I highly recommend her!”

Eve (Costa Rica)

“Zsuzsa’s massage is enjoyable, profound and powerful. Because of the potency of her massage, my body gets a beautiful reset every session I’ve had with her. Her bubbly personality together with her wise approach to living make her a gem to experience. Enjoy!”

Greg (Guatemala)

“Zsuzsa Kohan is resident yoga teacher and massage therapist at Utopia, a magical and gorgeous ecohotel deep in the Guatemalan jungle near Semuc Champey. (It was relevant at 2021.) Zsuzsa gives her massages outdoors in a beautiful private space so it is a unique experience where you hear the birds sing, the river water babble and crickets and cicadas chirp while you are in absolute paradise :). You can choose between two types of massages, an Ayurvedic or yoga massage (a little bit stronger and deeper). I always go for deep tissue massages but Zsuzsa recommended a Ayurvedic massage and that was the BEST recommendation EVER. Zsuzsa explains every step of the massage and what to expect before she starts massaging, but in no words can she describe the feeling you have after one of her delightful massages. It’s more than an hour of blissfulness where she carefully works every muscle, pain or issue you may have. Zsuzsa dedicates herself at her clients in an unique way: she offers a combination of complete relaxation, personal and professional attention and a very kind heart. Zsuzsa’s massage was definitely a highlight of my stay at Utopia, if you have an opportunity to explore this beautiful corner of the world, please make sure to enjoy one of her massages (or a yoga class)! Thank you Zsuzsa!”

Tecla (Guatemala)

“Zsuzsa is a wonderful therapist who has the gift of healing the body and touching the heart with her gentle and knowing hands.”

Alain (London)

“Things I loved… well that is a long list! The pressure and technique was amazing and the oils you used. The setting is perfect you have a lot of attention to detail too on making sure I am warm, comfy etc. I loved it and you have such a great energy. It felt so wonderful receiving this treatment from you. I enjoyed every second.”

Fiona (London)

“This massage was simply amazing!! I have had Ayurvedic massages previously but none so peaceful and complete as this. I was having fever for a while and fully recovered after this massage, it’s like all toxins were removed and felt my body totally renewed! Thanks, thanks, thanks Zsuzsa, I highly recommend it!! Don’t miss it!!!”

Gema (London)

“Zsuzsa is a wonderful massage therapist. She’s gifted with an incredible healing touch. I’ve had massages in the past, including massages in posh spas in London. None of them came close to the experience I had when I had a session with Zsuzsa. I loved the massage and I felt so relaxed and calm afterwards. She was very thorough and I felt like she was attentive to my needs all the time through the session checking the pressure, making sure I was comfortable, etc. Thanks a lot Zsuzsa!”

Fernando (India)

“The massage was wonderful. I enjoyed it lots. Your energy is beautiful, calm and healing. Loved the tea after the session and the deep talk. I loved the space, plants, relaxing music. It was a great-great experience. I felt calm and relaxed after the session. I would love to do it more.”

Yulia (London)

“I had visuals during treatments two times in my life. One was a reiki healing session and the other was a massage session with Zsuzsa. I’m not sure what has happened but it was beautiful. I received the most relaxing massage I ever experienced. I felt so comfortable I drifted all to sleep. Thank you how I was so well treated.”

Gary (India)

“Zsuzsa is very welcoming from the moment you walk through the door you are put at ease in an instant. The room I found to be warm and relaxing, I could tell Zsuzsa had taken time to create a calming environment and has succeeded. I had a full body massage and  was relaxing, and soothing which was just what I needed for my stiff neck & shoulders. I  booked a massage Zsuzsa following a recommendation from a friend. I would definitely be recommending her to my friends and family.”

Louisa (London)

“Dear Zsuzsa, thank you for amazing experience. I had the full body massage. It was relaxing and healing. You showed confidence, great patience and amazing technique. I would highly recommend everyone to go for a massage with Zsuzsa.”

Natalia (London)