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I release this video on the last day of 2020, when most of us do (or did at least once in your life) set intentions for the new year.

But as the title suggest, it is not only for the new year. If is there anything in your life ready to get released do not wait until the new year. If you want to invite something into your life do not wait until the new year. So when to do all of it? NOW. THIS is the best moment to close things, to start from scratch if you want or even to ask the universe for support. THIS very moment. There is nothing to wait for.

Have a wonderful manifestation!

(YOU NEED: a candle, something to light up your candle, two pieces of paper, a pen, an ashtray or (not plastic) plate under the burning paper.)

‘Good night’ yoga practice

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Sometimes you just can not fall asleep even you feel exhausted. The mind is still spinning, the muscles are tensed. This short practice helps to release unwanted tension in the muscles, helps to relax the body, prepares you for a good night sleep.
I wish you to have nice dreams!



‘Good morning’ yoga practice

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A short practice for gently awakening the body, to start the day. Perfect for getting back to practice after a longer break, even because of an illness. Your body will sing ‘thank you’ if you do it after a long trip when you had to sit for an extended period.




Back pain relief

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When there is no obvious physical reason why your back is in pain the cause might be stress related. Do you have a lower back pain — you might feel the future is uncertain or working far too hard? Or your mid-back causes you problems — maybe because of sadness / loss in your life? Or your upper back kills you — do you have too much on your shoulder? Too much responsibility? Too much thinking? Whatever the reason is this practice is designed to release stress, to stretch, gently strengthen certain areas supporting the health of the back. Being strong and mobile/flexible in the same time is the secret of healthy body and mind.



GRIEF – part 2 (a bit later)

 – meditation –

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This meditation practice is for you


…you lost someone (person, pet, job, home) not too long ago, but the very first shock is over. (…after couple of weeks or month?!… You will know when you are ready.) When at least you are able to sit with closed eyes for a while.

This lead meditation offers you a hand to hold and walk together. First step, next one… yes, rest a bit. It’s ok. Take your time to heal. Cry as much as you want. Feel. Go deep down. It is all ok.

This lead meditation offers you a safe place to rest. To heal. To come back home.



GYASZ – 2. resz (kicsit kesobb)

 – meditacio –

Ide kattintva elered a videot. 

Ez a meditacio neked szol


…elveszitettel valakit/valamit (szemely, kisallat, munka, otthon), es az elso, foldrenges-szeru megrazkodtatas csitult picit. (Hogy erre hetekkel, honapokkal kesobb leszel-e keszen… fogod tudni ha itt az ido.) Ha ugy erzed, mar kepes vagy kicsit hosszabb ideig ulni csukott szemmel.

E meditacio kezet nyujt neked, amibe kapaszkodva megteheted az elso lepeseket. Egy lepes, egy masik…

E meditacio biztonsagos helyet kinal, ahol megpihenhetsz.

Mindegy meddig tart – sirj, erezz, merulj melyre. Gyogyulj. Gyere haza.




GYASZ – 1. resz

(nagyon gyenged asana gyakorlatsor)

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Ezt a gyakorlatsor neked szol


…nemreg veszitettel el valakit/valamit (szemely, kisallat, munka, otthon), ha legszivesebben egesz nap csak fekudnel, aludnal, sirnal. Ha faj minden – a test, a lelek. Ha tudod, moccani kellene, mert az talan enyhitene a feszulesen, de nem tudod es nem is akarod kideriteni, mi lenne a legjobb. Inkabb csak letezel moccanatlan.
Ez a gyakorlatsor a lab hatso felet, a test oldalso reszet, a mellkas es a lapocka teruletet lazitja fel, mintegy helyet krealva egy kis eletnek. Mindazon teruleteket, ahol az erzelmi nehezsulyt a test elraktarozza.

E nagyon gyenged, lenyegeben restorative/yin joga gyakorlat segit fellazitani a testbe falazott erzelmi fajdalmakat. Mindenfele stresszt (legyen az emocionalis, erzelmi megprobaltatas) az agy valos fenyegeteskent ertelmez, s mivel a mi oldalunkon all, meg akar vedeni, hat parancsot ad a testnek, hogy feszuljon meg (legyen kesz futni vagy harcolni), hogy legyen egeszen pici (tunjon el az ellenseg szemei elol)…
… mielott elernenk a pontot, honnan mar csak az utolso reccsenes marad hatra, es darabjainkra hullottunk, most lazitsunk kicsit a feszulesen. Lelegezzunk. Lelegezzunk be friss levegot, remenyt, holnapot. Mert lesz holnap. S mert holnap is felkel a nap.
Csodalatos napfelkeltet mindenkinek!


GRIEF – part 1 –

(restorative-ish yoga practice)

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This practice is for you
…you just lost someone (person, pet, job, home), if you want only to lay, sleep, cry, not to move at all. If your body has pain because of the tension and you feel it would be beneficial to move a bit but not sure what to do.
This practice will create space (will stretch) in the back of the legs, the side of the body (ribcage), chest, upper back, hip flexor. All the areas we hold/store tension, emotional pain.

This very gentle, almost like restorative/yin practice gives you a chance to open the body. Any kind of emotional stress appears to our mind as real threat. As our mind stands on out side, it makes the body tensed – prepares the body to fight or run away, shrink it to disappear from the attacker…
… before you broke, let’s open the body a bit. Let’s breath. Breath in fresh air, hope, space. Because there is tomorrow and the sun will rise. Have a wonderful sunrise.



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Admittedly it is not the gentlest practice I ever created.

Admittedly I was asked to create a 45 minutes practice to someone (yes Emma, it is you :o)) to work hard.

The result is: a practice which will strengthen your legs, buts, abs, side body, arms. Which will stretch the legs, buts, abs, side body, arms. Did I miss something?

Please do not forgive to breath!



Hangra-találás – VISHUDDHA MUDRA

– meditacio –

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Igen, nem mindig konnyu kimondani, amit gondolunk, mert ott a veszfek, MI VAN HA megbantom, nem szeret majd, elutasit, utani fog a masik? Plane ha szamomra fontos emberrol van szo, vagy az megelhetesem, egy baratsag fugg a kimondasra vegul nem kerulo mondattol. Es bent marad, bent szorul… hogy aztan feszitsen honapokig, evekig, mig vegul fajni kezd a test.

E meditacio celja: elengedni a sokszor alaptalan a felelmet, ratalalni a sajat, egyeni hangunkra, merni kiallni magunk mellett, kimondva azt, amit talan evek ota zarunk magunkba. Kellemes hangra-talalast! Boldog ujra felfedezett hangot kivanok!


Find your voice -VISHUDDHA MUDRA

– meditation –

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Find your voice

No, it is not always easy to speak what we think, because we feel the danger of WHAT IF I will hurt the other person, he/she won’t love me any more, will reject me, hate me? Mainly if this person is important for us, a friendship or maybe my only income depends on this person. And my words stuck inside of my mind, heart, stomach… to cause pain in a week, a month or in years time.

The aim of this meditation is to release the fear, to find our own, very personal voice. To have the courage to stand up next to ourself, and allow to appear the long-time-buried words, sentences. Enjoy the process, enjoy your voice. Because it is beautiful!


Find your voice


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Do you feel you are a looser? Do you think the whole world went out for a big party and you are the only one who left out? We all have these days. It is ok. But if you have enough of this feeling, time to jump onto your mat and let’s have an exciting journey inward to find your voice, to meet your inner truth. Because you deserve to know, to feel, to believe you have the right to find your unique voice, to speak it up, to set boundaries. Because the world deserves to hear your amazing, beautiful, unique message no one can tell – only YOU.

Effects of the practice:

  • Body: loosens the muscles in the neck, throat, jaw, shoulders, upper body
  • Chakra: fifth (throat) chakra activization – finding your inner truth, able to speak it up and able to listen
  • Therapeutically: as it loosens up the whole upper body – can alleviate neck, shoulder, upper back stiffness – good to prevent headache and migraine
  • Energetically: as it makes you more in tune with your inner truth, brings peace, harmony into your life. By balancing kapha the possible lethargy of unspoken words can be gone.
  • Used mudra (hand gesture): Vishuddha mudra – activating the throat area.




Calming the mind – Vayu Mudra

– meditation –

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Your head is already ready to explode but you still chasing the next thought? Are you not able to switch off? You already solved the problem of all of your friends, relatives, rearranged your house in every possible way, planned the menu for the whole month in your head… Thanks to the not stopping, endless thoughts, worries you feel tension in your neck first. After in the shoulders. The pain slowly creeping up to the head. It is only a matter of luck you end up with a headache or you build up a fat migraine.
If the picture is familiar then take a seat for ten minutes please. Fold your fingers into Vayu mudra, and breath. Have a good switching off.


Gondolat-csend – Vayu Mudra

– meditacio-

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Mindjart szetpattan a fejed, de te meg mindig agyalsz valamin? Nem birsz kikapcsolni? Mar az osszes barat, rokon problemajat megoldottad, szazszor atrendezted a lakast es fejben legyartottad a havi menut… A veget nem ero aggodo es egyeb szinezetu gondolatok ozonetol lassan beall a nyakad, a vallad, majd a fajdalom felkuszik a fejedbe. Csak szerencse kerdese hogy meguszod-e sima fejfajassal vagy meg sem allsz egy vaskos migrenig.
Ha ismeros a kep, akkor most ulj le kerlek tiz percre. Hajtogasd az ujjaid Vayu mudraba, es lelegezz. Jo kikapcsolast!


Feel the love


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Are you impatient? Everyone and everything makes you annoyed, frustrated? Just jumping from one source of happiness to the other but nothing makes you to feel satisfied? Do you feel you are empty, lonely, nothing?
The aim of this practice is to find the key to the locked door around your heart. To let the energy of endless love to flow there again.
… don’t be surprised if you want to hug everyone or everyone want to hug you at the end of the practice.


Effects of the practice:
– Body: stretches the muscles on the front and side of the whole body
– Chakra: forth (heart) chakra activization – you will feel loved (doesn’t matter you have people around you or not) and capable to love everything and everyone around you
– Therapeutically: as all the muscles get stretched in the trunk you will feel it is easier to breath. As you lengthen your breath it might alleviate all stress related pains, tension
– Energetically: brings ease, harmony into body and mind which helps balancing Pitta. The energizing, opening effect help to ease Kapha imbalance.
– Used mudra (hand gesture): Padma mudra – moves awareness/energy into the chest area. Helps to feel balanced, open, connected.

Wake up your inner fire!

– meditation –

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Do you feel lack of energy, no confidence, no support? Not sure you are capable to have the next step? Not even sure is there a next step for you?

Let’s wake up your inner fire! Let’s burn all the limiting beliefs which are lowering your self-esteem, whispering you are nor capable, you are not enough. Because you are. Allow yourself to reborn. Enjoy your new life.


Ujjayi légzés

Ide klikkelve elered a YouTube videot.

Ujjayi legzes (avagy gyozedelmes legzes) volt az egyik ‘game changer’ szamomra az evek soran. Segitett lelassulni, jelen lenni, befele figyelni. A lelassitott, hosszabb legzes – a hetkoznapi eletben, illetve asana (joga poz) gyakorlas kozben – tobb fronton tette elhetobbe az eletem. Eltunt a rendszeres migren, a gyomorfajas, a szorongas enyhult, a nagy amplitudoju hangulatvaltozasok elcsitultak. Tudod milyen erzes egy hosszu utazas utan hazaterni? Hat ilyen erzes volt ujra kapcsolodni magammal. Es mindehhez csak egy kicsit meg kellett nyujtani a ki- es belegzest. Igen. A csodak apro dolgokban laknak. Ezert is siklunk el felettuk konnyen. Jo gyakorlast! Jo hazatalalast!



Dig out your STRENGTH

or – you are more capable than you think


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Are you just sitting with blank face and looking around where your energy, your self esteem, your enthusiasm, your inner fire was left? If your answer is YES, then: pop onto your yoga mat, switch on this video (link below) and let’s activate this lost LIFE FORCE. After the practice only one thing left to do: ENJOY YOUR LIFE FULLY.

Effects of the practice:

  • Body: strengthens and stretches abdominal area, activating the spine by twists
  • Chakra: third chakra activization – to get your self-confidence, strength, inner-fire back
  • Therapeutically: as the abdominal area get stronger that will support the lower back which can help alleviate pain from there
  • Energetically: if you feel you are not enough, not capable, have no energy, your self esteem is low, as the practice activating Pitta dosha, the inner fire, it is perfect for you
  • Used mudra (hand gesture): Pushan mudra – activating the centre of the body. Activating digestion.



Claim back the joy into your life


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Every day is grey? Everything is dull? Nothing makes you feel excited? Do not care about tomorrow? No plans for the future?

Well, I do not promise that this 1,5 hour will solve all of these issues, but it might helps to shift something inside of you, helps to go back to your happiness-centre. Give a try: drink a cup of cacao (you can find more details of how to make it under the YouTube video) and practice this sequence every day. Just for a week. Because you have the right to enjoy your life.

Effects of the practice:

  • Body: activating all dimension of hip / pelvis area; spine mobilisation
  • Chakra: second chakra activization – to get connected to your creativity, sensuality, sensitivity. When this chakra is balanced – also your emotions are – you feel pleasure, easy to make relationships, the channels of creativity are open
  • Therapeutically: might help alleviate lower back pain, upper back/shoulder/neck stiffness
  • Energetically: when the pelvis area has energetic blockage: trouble connecting with others, lower back pain, skipped menstrual periods, sexual disorders, fertility problems or pelvic area pain (all of this being related to the pitta dosha). Energetical excess in this area can lead to mood-swings, over-eating, substance abuse, addicted to sex, and/or emotional abuse (related to kapha dosha). The asana practice itself helps to balance pitta and kapha doshas.
  • Used mudra (hand gesture): Hakini mudra – cultivates an overall integration and harmony into all areas of the body, attune to sensation of joy. Balancing all doshas (vata, pitta, kapha)


Practice for challenging times


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Do you feel anxious? Lost your confidence? Don’t enjoy your life?

The yoga practice in this video will help you to accept and overcome challenges. See the changes as part of life not as a monster you need to fight against. Helps you to get grounded, less anxious, more confident, enjoying your life here and now.

Effects of the practice:

  • Body: leg (stretch and strengthen) and pelvis area activation
  • Chakra: first chakra activization – to get grounded, present, confident
  • Therapeutically: might help with lower back pain IF the pain is caused by restriction/stiffness in the back of the leg and groin area (psoas)
  • Energetically: as the practice pacifying Vata dosha, helps if you feel anxious, floaty, lost, lonely, restless or too tired. Perfect after travelling.
  • Used mudra (hand gesture): Trimurti mudra – reminds us to the nature of life: create (birth) / preserve (life) / destroy (death). Helps to get over/accept changes.



Meditative flow balancing chakra 1 &4

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The first part of the video (00:0000:27) can be treated as a formal meditation practice. In the second part we incorporate asanas (mainly standing and chest opening poses) but try to maintain the meditative aspect of the practice – do not strain too much, step back if your body requires it. The practice will balance the first (root) and forth (heart) chakras. By the end of the practice hopefully you will be more in peace, content with whatever happens around you, in love with your fellow human [and not human – yes the UFOs as well :o)] beings – even with the annoying once.


Back to basics – Downward facing dog

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

In this part of the BACK TO BASICS series I will talk about Downward facing dog. Please instead of getting overwhelmed by the information I provide pick one or two and keep them in your mind when you practice. And when all makes sense come back for new info.



Chakra Balancing meditation

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

This meditation leads you through all seven chakras by visualizing colors, having some hand movements, and using mantras with the aim to feel more balanced, more in peace by the end of the practice. Feel free to add more elements or reduce it in a way you feel it can be your the best practice supporting your own personal benefit.



Upper body strength

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In this video pose by pose we will build up CHATURANGA and later (optionally) a version of KOUNDINYASANA, concentrating not on the arm position only but not to forget to engage the abs, which is the center of your body from where all posture ‘grows’.


Spine mobility

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Flexibility, mobility (not only) in the spine A short, super-‘delicious’ yoga flow for mobilizing the whole spine (yes, your neck and shoulders will get involved as well). Helping to keep your spine mobile, having less pain, more freedom.



Back to basics – warrior 2

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The THIRD part of the ‘BACK TO BASICS’ series will help you to explore WARRIOR 2 pose.


Loosen up, open up the whole body

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Sometimes – because of fear, pain, worries – our body, mind, heart shut down. We loose the connection with the little voice within, our inner compass. And then… we are off from our very own path. This sequence will help you – through opening, loosening up the whole body – to feel more ease, lightness in body, mind, heart. In all situation it is crucial to keep our heart open; the thoughts clear and calm. For all levels.


Back to basics – Tadasana

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In this ‘BACK TO BASICS’ series we will go through certain techniques (pranayama/breathing techniques, asanas/yoga postures) with the help of short videos and short descriptions on my BLOG ( time to time. The SECOND part of the series will help you to explore TADASANA – mountain pose. Enjoy!


Chest opening – upper body mobilizing

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Because of our computer based life style, because of unresolved emotions, our upper back can be stiff, felt restricted, ‘sticky’. You might feel there is no space to breath in. With this 12 minutes sequence you can create more ease, more space in the upper back – chest – heart area. Do not be surprised if it makes you emotional. For all levels.


Back to basics – ujjayi pranayama

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In this ‘BACK TO BASICS’ series we will go through certain techniques (pranayama/breathing techniques, asanas/yoga postures) with the help of short videos and short descriptions on my BLOG ( time to time. The FIRST part of the series will help you to explore UJJAYI PRANAYAMA (or so called ‘ocean’ or ‘victorious’ breathing). Enjoy!


15 minutes yoga flow for building strength

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A short yoga flow to strengthen your legs, abs (front and side) and arms. Yoga almost always identified as something makes you more flexible. But in reality the BALANCE is the key between strength and flexibility. This practice will help you to carve out your strength. Enjoy.


Whole body WARM UP vinyasa yoga practice for all levels

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Whole body WARM UP vinyasa yoga practice. For all levels


Quick energy boosting practice (leg strengthening, spine mobilization)

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Instead of having a coffee or one more cigarette as your office break or your morning energy boost, dedicate this eight minutes to move, breath, feel yourself. Short general practice for any level to strengthen legs, find balance and mobilize your spine. Enjoy!