yoga testimonials

“Zsuzsa is an excellent yoga teacher; she challenges without being overbearing, is incredibly sensitive and kind and has a wonderful energy and spirit. Love her classes!”


“Zsuzsa brings in her teaching many aspects together which make the practice wholesome. She teaches with her heart and is always willing to encorporate individual needs. I wouldn’t miss any of her morning classes because they where always a blessing for my days. She encouraged me to listen to my body and I found strength in reconnecting with myself in such a powerful way. The incorporation of the mayan calendar and weaving in the knowledge of the energy of the day made me go through the day aware of possible obstacles. In my life I was lucky enough to know many yoga teachers but Zsuzsa’s presence was for me the deepest blessing. I miss her teaching and would encourage anyone no matter where they are with their one practice to join her class.”


“I love Zsuzsa’s yoga classes. I’m a very beginner and even in big groups with experienced practitioners, I never felt uncomfortable not being on the same level as other people around me. If the yoga posture was too challenging, she always showed me options. Her yoga is helping me to center, ground and connect with the moment. I love the way she integrates the mayan calendar into her teachings. As well as the self massage practices she implemented. She creates a beautiful energy and safe container in her yoga classes and I felt always energetically recharged after attending them. I highly recommend doing yoga with Zsuzsa.”



“Zsuzsa is an excellent yoga teacher. The way she embodies her own personal practice is evident in the way I was able to embody in her classes that have been honored to participate in. Zsuzsa’s classes left me feeling calm, centered and present in the moment. Which is such a gift. Her practices really allowed me to honour both my body and myself which is more than I could have asked for in the moment. It was just the medicine I needed. Thank you, Zsuzsa! For all you have gifted me with.”



“Zsuzsa has a beautiful teaching style that is supportive and lifting, yet bringing inquiry and exploration into our experiences. This is what I feel a heart centered yoga instructor brings. As a teacher myself, I sometimes attend classes still to gain perspective and broaden my teaching skills. I appreciate Zsuzsa’s creative approach to her Vinyasa flow. It was challenging and engaging to the exact measure, as she shared appropriate corrections for alignment when needed to prevent any injury. In addition, she showed great care to her students in knowing their experience before the class began, and ensuring that they felt comfortable after her class. I am grateful to know Zsuzsa and to have had the opportunity to experience her graceful class and beautiful teaching style.”



“In the past I could never finish a yoga class, but that was before I met Zsuzsa. She helped me see that my yoga is just perfect, and I don’t have to compare myself to others around me. Her words during the class touched my heart and it was exactly what I needed to hear. It was the best yoga class I have ever had.”



“Zsuzsa leads a very loving, intuitive yoga class. She somehow always knows exactly what her students need that day. With her positive attitude, she pushes everyone to be their best selves and teach their edge.”



“Zsuzsa shaped my yoga practice to a more profound experience with her focus on the core postures, always inviting us to push ourselves while being the most gentle person and correcting us when we were off the wrong path. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with not just herself but her practice and approach to yoga. I never wanted to miss a class. She literally changed my relationship to yoga and my body. I’m forever grateful for her and always will cherish our moments on & off the mat. Love you Zsuzsa.”


Your incredible, a true inspiration to so many around the world. I first met you at a Virgin Active class in London, where your teaching & approach was so new to me at the time but so encouraging, uplifting with a sense of calm & trust built in. In the last year especially, I’ve been enjoying your classes from Guatemala online, it’s helping me through this lockdown process. The landscape looks absolutely breathtaking & peaceful there, especially from the big stage. Sending warm wishes to you, your doing incredible things with your life. I hope I may get to do another class with you in person in the near future.”